Greek Australian Short Film Festival in Melbourne Announced Winners

olympic-nick-gasff(Melbourne, Australia) – The winners for the 7th Greek Australian Short Film Festival, or GASFF, were announced as the festivities drew to a close. There were three winners in three different categories. Dinner for Few, which was produced in both Greece and the United States, won Best International Film. The film 3000, which was directed by Antonis Tsonis, won the Audience Award, and Olympic Nick: A Donutumentary won Best National Film.

The festival drew in a quality mix of short films, all developed by Greeks living throughout the world. Jim Koutsoukos and Katerina Kotsonis were the co-curators of this year’s festivals. They were responsible for adding two films to the roster that were produced right in Melbourne. Mrs. Metro is an animated film directed by Aggelos Papantoniou and Best National Film winner, Olympic Nick: A Donutumentary, which was directed by Ian Tran and Rachel Morssink, were both produced locally.

According to the official website for GASFF, the mission of the Greek- Australian Short Film Festival is to, “strengthen and celebrate short films made through many Greek lenses.” They went on to say that they’re passionate about short film and are thrilled to share their choices with audience members.

They went on to explain that, “The Australian Shorts program reflects Australia’s cultural diversity in its storytelling with genres like poetry, science fiction, animation, documentary and drama. The International Shorts Program includes films from Greece, Norway, USA and Canada with their distinct stories and Greek connections.”

Jim Koutsoukos, one of the curators of the festival, also said that, “The Greek Australian Short Film Festival supports filmmakers from around the world who are Greek or of Greek descent. “We’re excited to be partnering with the Greek Film Festival for the third year running and to be able to offer cash prizes for the Best Australian Short and Best International Short films in this year’s program.”

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