Episode Two of Greece with Simon Reeve to Air in Australia

Simon Reeve(Australia) – The second and last episode of the two part series, Greece with Simon Reeve, will air this evening on SBS in Australia today, May 23 at 8:30 PM on SBS. The series, which aired in the United Kingdom in February, takes a journalistic approach to traveling through Greece and covers a variety of topics that concern the people of Greece today. In the series, Simon Reeve journeyed through Greece exploring the land and introducing his viewers to these often controversial topics. In it, he journeyed to Athens, through the mountainous terrain on the mainland, and to several of the islands.

In addition to showing people the stunning scenery of Greece, he also introduces a cast of characters he meets along the way, all who represent the modern psyche in Greece in some way. He says that Greece is, “One of the most beautiful and troubled countries in all of Europe.” He wants to show people not only the issues that impact Greece, but his goal is to highlight how the Greek people are survivors. He also exposes us to some of the hidden aspects of Greece, such as the gun owning population on the island of Crete. In this second and last episode of the series, Reeve deals with topics such as Greece’s declining shipping industry and the illegal immigrants. He spends his time in the rugged, mountainous terrain of Northern Greece and also the Peloponnese.

Simon Reeve is a British Television presenter and author based out of London. He is well known for his travel documentaries focusing on some of the lesser known parts of the world. Although people are familiar with Greece as a travel destination, there is also another side of the country. Greece with Simon Reeve helps show us the issues that are causing Greece to struggle, as well as giving as an overview of the country’s enduring spirit. This program has been airing throughout the world since it first debuted in February of 2016.


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