Greek-Australian is Reelected Adelaide Seat of Hindmarsh

Steve Georganas(Australia) – Steve Georganas of the Australian Labor Party has been reelected and continues to be the Adelaide Seat of Hindmarsh. Although the race between Georganas and his opponent, Liberal MP Matt Williams, was close, Georganas has reclaimed the set that he held in both the 2004 election and the 2013 election. His opponent, Matt Williams, held the seat after 2013. He was elected once again this past week during the Australian Election 2016. At the close of polls, Georganas told reporters that, “You really appreciate it when you win by a small margin.” Georganas had about 50.1% of the vote while Matt Williams had about 49.9% when Georganas was declared the winner.

Georganas was born in Adelaide and has Greek parents who immigrated to Australia in the 1950’s. However, he has lived most of his life in Hindmarsh. He has said that back then, times were fairly difficult for immigrant families and that his generation has paved the way for the future success of all Greek-Australians. Before being elected to the Adelaide Seat of Hindmarsh he drove a taxi cab, was a union organizer, and was also an Australian Labor Party policy advisor. When he held the seat before his current reelection, he campaigned for noise reduction surrounding Adelaide Airport and voted in support of same sex marriage. He also advocates for animal welfare.

Last week, Australia held its Federal Elections 2016. Georganas has said that Australia is the best country in the world and he brings this passion to his political career. He understands how important it is to give people the opportunities to succeed and to create a great environment to give everyone a great quality of life. The fact that he has won by such a narrow margin has caused him to appreciation his role in the Adelaide Seat of Hindmarsh even more.

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