Australian Culinary Program The Chef’s Line to Feature Greek Cuisine

(Australia) – Greek cuisine has been under the spotlight on Australia’s culinary program, The Chef’s Line. The program airs at 6 PM Australian time on the SBS network and has been featuring aspects of Greek cuisine, top Greek restaurants in Australia, and Greek-Australian chefs. The program has so far aired a Greek episode on May 8, 2017 and is planning another on May 9, 2017. The official website for The Chef’s Line offers a glimpse as to what is being showcased.

In particular, the Australian-Greek culinary scene places value on both traditional cooking and modernized Greek cuisine. One of Australia’s top Greek chefs, Peter Conistis, was recently interviewed and the information was posted on the website. He has been a chef for nearly twenty five years and his focus has been taking traditional Greek recipes and giving them an update for modern times. As the executive chef of the Alpha restaurant in Sydney, he has had a chance to share these foods with others.

According to the interview, Conistis has said, “Twenty-four years ago I was the first one who redefined Greek food in Australia and further abroad. “When I opened up my first restaurant it was never to cook Greek food the way most people had seen it.” Over the years his particular style of Greek cuisine developed and also influenced the Greek culinary scene in Australia as a whole. He also has advice for those who want to cook authentic Greek foods, such as making your own filo dough and only using pure Greek olive oil when you cook.

The Chef’s Line features cuisines from all over the world and all of Australia, and Greek food is a part of this scene. The program began airing on April 3, 2017 and airs on weeknights at 6 PM Australian time, Monday through Friday. Tune in for more Greek episodes.

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