Greek Track & Field Athlete Anastasia Marinakou Moves to Melbourne, Australia to Train

anastasia-marinakou(Melbourne, Australia) – As this year’s turnout at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio proved, Greek athletes are having a difficult time finding the resources to train, thanks to the economic crisis. Some athletes, like Anna Korakaki, an Olympic gold and bronze medalist in  shooting, managed to find a way to train despite the poor conditions.

However, for other athletes, such as Anastasia Marinakou, it hasn’t been as easy to train in order to realize her potential. Back in 2015, Marinakou was voted one of Greece’s most promising young athletes. Now, she and her family have moved to Australia where she was granted Australian citizenship. She is now training on Australian soil. Since her father had lived in Australia for 25 years, it was much easier for her to become legalized in the country.

Anastasia is not only a promising young track star, but she has also broken several records. Despite that, she failed to qualify for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. With the resources she is now experiencing in her new country, she hopes to change that in 2020. However, she has plenty of things to keep her bush before then. For starters, her goal is to qualify for the 2017 European Athletics Championship and then the World Championship.

However, she did say that qualifying for the Olympics is the ultimate goal. She said, “Of course, the ultimate goal is the next Olympic Games.” She has much work to do, however, before this is possible. She not only needs to train hard enough to qualify, but she also needs sponsors. She is hoping to receive support from the Greek-Australian community.

Her family has offered her their full support. She has said that, “My heroes are my parents, who have stood beside me and have supported me throughout my journey.” Her journey has been fraught with financial hardships, but her family has shown their support by moving with her. In Australia, she will study economics at university as well as focus on her training and athletic career and overall goals.

She has said that, “People who pursue a career in athletics aiming for medals are fixated on accomplishing their goal. They dedicate themselves to getting that gold medal. There’s no other way to succeed. This cause needs complete devotion and discipline.” Her move to Australia has given her the focus and discipline that she has craved.


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