Unibic Creates Collectable Biscuits Tin Featuring ANZAC Greek Campaign During WWII

(Australia) – Unibic, a company specializing in biscuits and other sweets, has launched a collectable tin commemorating the ANZAC campaign in Greece during World War II. The tins feature an image of the Acropolis with Australian soldiers resting beneath it before they move on to join the Allied Forces to fight the Germans and the Axis Powers. ANZAC was first formed in 1914 during World War I where they fought in the Battle of Gallipoli. They reconvened during World War II in 1942 in order to fight in the Battle of Greece.

Jim Claven, an historian, told the publication Neos Kosmos, ““The image of the diggers on the Acropolis, resting beneath the famous Caryatids of the Erechtheion, symbolizes the experience of Greece and its culture for the thousands of Australian soldiers and nurses during the campaign in Greece and Crete. Soon those relaxed diggers sitting on the Acropolis would move north to join with Greek and other Allied troops to face the looming German invasion of Greece.” Assisting Greece during World War II is an important part of Anzac’s legacy and this tin is a reminder of the role they played.

Unibic Anzac Biscuits were created to honor the Anzac’s legacy and the Battle of Greece was a big part of that legacy. There are Unibic Anzac tins available to commemorate different moments in Anzac’s history, such as the Battle of Gollipoli, which started it all. Besides assisting during the Battle of Greece, they were also an instrumental part of the fight during the Battle of Crete. Since 2002, Unibic Anzac has released a new set special collectable tins highlighting a part of Anzac’s history. However, this is the first time Unibic chose to feature Greece as part of the yearly tin. You can find these tins online or in major supermarkets across Australia and New Zealand.

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