Greek Winemakers to Visit Australia’s Coast

(Australia) – Winemakers from Greece have decided to make a second pilgrimage to Australia’s coast after the success of their 2015 visit. Winemakers and educators from Greece, which is considered one of the oldest wine regions in the world, will visit Australia to share information about their wines. There will be representatives from around 23 wineries in Greece visiting places such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide. They will be in the country from June 19th to June 25th. Aside from meeting with winemakers from Australia, they will also host educational meetings that will include things like wine tastings, master classes, and also feature delicious dinners and lunches. Total, the winemakers will share around 70 of their wines with members of the Australia’s media and also representatives from the wine industry.

Greek wines are well-known in the industry for being vibrant and fairly diverse. Upcoming and established winemakers from places such as the Peloponnese wine region and islands such as Santorini will represent Greece during this media event. Some of these representatives will be repeat visitors from the 2015 trip, while others will be newcomers. They all seek to represent the best that Greece has to offer. They will all be highlighting the best of their wines from both a traditional and modern perspective. Amongst the wines that they will share include assyrtikos and xinomavros grapes, which are popular amongst Greek winemakers.

Yannis Voyatzis, the president of New Wines of Greece, is amongst those who will be returning to Australia. He said, “We are so excited to return to Australia and reconnect with the great friends and colleagues we met on our last trip.” He goes on to say that he is eager to share their techniques with some of the developing wine regions in Australia as well as give information about their unique varieties. He also says that, “Australians love food, just like the Greeks, and this is the perfect opportunity for us to highlight the perfect pairing wines for rich flavors and textures that we share an appetite for.” In addition to sharing this information on a broad perspective, the group will also be giving private master classes for Australian industry professionals. Greeks have been making wine for over 6000 years and the winemakers are eager to share their modernized techniques with industry professionals in Australia.


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