Greece Represented at Carrousel of Nations in Windsor, Canada

(Windsor, Ontario, Canada) – Greece was one of the nations represented at an event called the “Carrousel of Nations” that took in Windsor in Ontario, Canada this past weekend. This event is put on so that people in the Windsor area can experience and learn about several cultures at once. Most of these cultures are well represented in the area and the event is designed to bring people together.

According to the official website for the event, “Carrousel of the Nations originated in June 1974, when the Arts Committee of Windsor, with the help of a $3,500 grant from the Ministry of Culture and Recreation, presented Windsor’s inaugural Multicultural Festival.” The event itself has grown a lot since then.

One thing that sets the Carrousel of Nations apart from other cultural events is how many countries are actually represented. Among those was a Greek Village, which was located at 64 Ellis Street East in Windsor. The Greek community has been part of the Carrousel for over 40 years. The Greeks offered traditional foods such as gyros, souvlaki, and saganaki. There were also loukoumades served up for dessert. There is much anticipation for the food offered in the Greek Village, and there are even people who call ahead to place large orders.

George Koukouvaos, the President of the Greek Orthodox Community of Windsor talked about the Greeks involvement with the event. He said, “We’ve been part of the Carrousel of Nations from the inception. We’ve been very lucky to receive great support from the community in showing people our Greek culture and our Greek heritage.”

This isn’t just a food event, either. According to the official website, “Ethno-cultural groups open their cultural centres in celebration of their home country. Visitors can delight in the tastes, sounds and traditions of these cultures and help celebrate The Carrousel of Nations.”

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