Greek-Canadian Emmanuella Lambropoulos Wins Seat in the Montreal Byelections

(Montreal, Quebec, Canada) – First-time politician Emmanualla Lambropoulos, a Greek-Canadian from Montreal, as won the Liberal Party Nomination after beating out seasoned politician, Yolande James. She won the Liberal Party Nomination for the riding of Saint-Laurent and the elections for MP took place on April 3, 2017. Lambropoulos was pitted against conservative Jimmy Yu during the elections and after stunning her rival to win the nomination, she won the seat against Yu.

During her victory speech late on April 3, she said, “I am sure it will hit me a little later.It’s an amazing feeling – I’m really happy that Saint-Laurent residents spoke out, they wanted a local candidate, somebody who they felt has lived through similar experiences, somebody they felt that they could connect with.” Lambropoulos wasn’t the favorite to win her party’s nomination.

When Lambropoulos decided on what she wanted, she worked hard using grassroots tactics to win support. She and her team traveled door to door to explain her platform, and eventually, people started to believe in her. She has said that during the campaign she, “wanted to defend the middle class and believe me that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” She fully intends to stick to her election promises. She said, “I will be a champion for Saint-Laurent families.”

Peter Vouloukos, who helped Lambropoulos during her campaign, said, “We came from the bottom up. We were the grassroots. Not from the top up like Mrs. James.” However, Emanuella as said that she looks up to Mrs. James and has been inspired by her over the years. After winning the nomination against Mrs. James in her surprising win, it was expected that she would win the seat during the elections since that seat has been held by a liberal for decades.

Prior to entering politics, Lambropoulos was a school teacher at Rosemont High School, a position she has held since August of 2016.

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