British Columbian and Greek Canadian Steve Vranakis and Google Employee Receives Major Business Press

(Canada) – Steve Vranakis, a Greek Canadian from British Columbia, joined Google’s Creative Lab in 2011 after working in advertising for over 20 years. Prior to his job at Google, the agency he worked at landed large accounts such as Coke Zero but after twenty years in the industry, he walked away from all that to do something much different. Google’s Creative Lab focuses on creative interactive experiences for their users, and Vranakis’ projects go right along with that thinking. In general, the lab could churn out projects that involve films, marketing for Google, products, and experiential events.

His first project, for instance, was a challenge, but it was an instant success. He was in charge of creating a platform where children all over the world could send experiments to scientists on the space station who would then perform those experiments. Vranakis says that he was in charge of the whole project from start to finish, including creating the launch video on his own from scratch. The video that launched the project got 20 million visitors on Youtube in the first week alone and the channel that was created just for that video got 50 million subscribers. This project launched his career at Google because he was able to ask for more resources on his other projects.

Google Labs began in 2007 in the United States and was founded by Andy Berndt, who also had a background in advertising. It is responsible for working with each of Google’s brands, such as Youtube, Android, and Google X. Each project that the lab works on needs to, in some way, benefit the brand by improving user experience. Vranakis says that in order to come up with a successful project at the lab, you need to understand the user and find a way to create a magical experience that will connect them to the brand. Unlike advertising, Google’s Lab doesn’t create campaigns in the traditional sense. They look at each project as a unique platform that is designed to encourage people to interact in a way that is fun, informative, and that also supports Google’s brands. He has also said that each project can also be looked at as a physical product. The lab is also dedicated to creating great experiences for the younger work force through their unique internship program.


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