Greek-Canadians Anticipate the “Sculpture of the Greek Immigrant”

(Montreal, Canada) – The highly anticipated statue, the “Sculpture of the Greek Immigrant”, is undergoing its final stages of completion and will be displayed in Montreal in time for the city’s 375th Anniversary Celebration. Montreal is one of the cities in Canada who have consistently welcomed Greek immigrants, and the statue will honor that tradition and pay tribute to those who left their homes in Greece to start new lives in Canada. The sculpture itself is being created by the top Greek sculpture out of Athens, George Houliaras. The sculpture itself is a gift to the city of Montreal as a gesture of thanks for welcoming people from Greece into their city.

The project has been headed up by The Lyceum of Greek Women of Montreal and the Hellenic Community of Greater Montreal. They commissioned Houliaras to create the statue after the funds were raised. The official website for the project has been updating people as to the status of the sculpture. It began as a simple sketch and eventually transformed into a full-sized sculpture that the people of Montreal will have a chance to enjoy.

According to the website, the sculpture, George Houliaras, put a lot of thought into the initial sketch. Upon completing the sketch he wrote, “I am sending you a sketch of the “Sculpture of the Immigrant.” The idea is replete with symbolism, that of a family of newly arrived immigrants, suitcases in hand. It is a compact Greek family and depicts the individuals resting on one another and going through a gate symbolizing their passage to the New World.” He wanted to capture the mood and feelings of a typical Greek family leaving behind their lives and starting new ones.

Once unveiled, the sculpture will be located across from an old train station called Gare Jean-Talon. This is symbolic because many of the new Greek arrivals to the city would have passed through this station.

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