Toronto Canada’s Greek Community Celebrates Oxi Day

Greek Flag(Toronto, Canada) – The Greek community in Toronto, Ontario headed outdoors in cool October air to celebrate Oxi Day on Sunday, October 30, 2016. Greeks lined up on both sides of Danforth Avenue to enjoy their annual Oxi Day parade, which commemorates a memorable day in Greek history.

During World War II, Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxis gave Benito Mussolini an answer of “no” on October 28, 1940  in response to Mussolini’s demands. Italy wanted to take control of Greece in order to control strategic areas in the Mediterranean Sea, and Metaxis wouldn’t allow him to do that. Because of this, Greece entered the Greco-Italian War. This was Greece’s official entry in World War II. Ultimately, Greece was considered the victor in this conflict, and they achieved attention throughout the world for their bravery. The Greeks also gave the Allies hope that the Axis could be defeated. After all, if a small nation like Greece could win a major victory, so could the rest of the world.

This is a day of pride for Greeks throughout the world, and they express this pride by celebrating. The Greek people of Toronto have their annual parade, and there are other celebrations located throughout Canada, Greece, the United States, Australia, and other places where there is a strong Greek community.

Kali Petropoulos, one of Toronto’s parade organizers, said that, “”The Greek Community of Toronto OXI Day Parade commemorates and celebrates the Greek Resistance during the Axis occupation in the Second World War, and has brought together Greeks from all of Toronto and of all ages.”

About 30 groups and organizations hit the streets to march in the parade as the spectators looked on. Petropoulos also said, “The yearly participation in the OXI Day Parade honors both the Greeks back home in Greece, and the immigrants in Canada who once fought together for Greece’s freedom. We continue to honor this tradition and consider it a privilege to march year after year along the Danforth, and wave both our blue and white, and red and white flags.”


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