Yannis Pappas is the Greek-American Representative for the Ethnic Show in Montreal, Canada

Mr. Panos(Montreal, Canada) – Yannis Pappas, a Greek-American from Brooklyn, New York, is the Greek-American representative for the Ethnic Show in Montreal, Canada. The show, which begins on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 will be taking place at Club Soda and is the official launch of the 34th Just for Laughs Festival. Other festival performers include Dom Irrera, Godfrey, Jessica Kirson, Nemr, and Gina Brillon. Yannis will be the first performer of the festival.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Pappas’ mom and dad are from the island of Crete. He also said in an interview for the Montreal Gazzette that comedy was, “the only thing I was ever decent at. I was always the class clown and got kicked out of a couple of schools as a consequence. I lived to make people laugh. I just couldn’t control myself. And I was pretty much bad at everything else. Plus, I’m pretty lazy.” In addition to doing stand-up, he also has several popular internet characters including Maurica and Mr. Panos. Mr. Panos has an online video blog where he gives his opinions about all things Greek.

Pappas is not a stranger to the Just for Laughs Festival. He was also the host of an AOL sport-comedy show called 2 Point Lead, and ad a Comedy Central TV special in 2014. Although his comedy celebrates being Greek, he also said in the interview for Montreal Gazette that he lived a pretty typical American life and that he wasn’t, “really Greek enough for most Greeks.” He plans on bringing out Mr. Panos, who is Pappas’ most popular character, for the performance at the Just for Laughs Festival. He says that, “Mr. Panos had a humorous take on the financial crisis in Greece. He felt Greece was trying to bankrupt Germany as payback for the Second World War. And that Germans owed Greeks for war reparations.”


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