Greek Archaeologist Believes He Found a Lost Throne from Mycenae

Mycenae(Greece) – Greek Archaeologist Christofilis Maggidis believes that he found a fragment from a throne dating back to the Mycenaeans during the time of the Trojan War. Maggidis is the head archaeologist that leads excavations in Southern Greece. Two years ago, they found a chunk of limestone in the bed of a stream that was located underneath a large citadel. Archaeologists have carefully worked the limestone and eventually uncovered the fragment. He believes that the fragment was part of an area that collapsed in an earthquake that took place around 1200 B.C.

The Greek Culture Ministry hasn’t confirmed that Maggidis’ findings are correct and they pointed out that there is an alternative study that indicates that the stone that was uncovered in the limestone was part of stone basin. Maggidis said in his press conference, however, that the stone was definitely made to sit on and that since it is made out of a porous stone, it wouldn’t have been created to hold liquids. He ruled out that the fragment was part of a basin for that reason. Maggidis said during a press conference that, “In our opinion, this is one of the most emblematic and significant finds from the Mycenaean era.”

The Mycenaean Period of Ancient Greece was one of incredible cultural growth and prosperity. Their period of intense growth took place in the mid-14th to the 12th century B.C. When the civilization fell apart, Ancient Greece fell into a dark period, dubbed the Greek Dark Age, which lasted for around 400 years. There were many famous stories and myths that emerged from the Mycenaean era, including the Trojan War and the tale of Agamemnon, the leader of the Greek Army who formulated the memorable plan to besiege Troy.

The throne that Christofilis Maggidis and his team have uncovered is the only one that has been found in the Mycenaean palaces on mainland Greece. A similar throne, however, was found at the Knossos Palace on the island of Crete. Maggidis believes that the rest of the thrown is located in the stream bed near where the fragment was uncovered and he hopes to gain permission to excavate the rest of it.


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