Greek Archaeologist Claims He Found the Tomb of Aristotle

Aristotle(Greece) – Konstantinos Sismanidis, a Greek archaeologist, says that he found Aristotle’s tomb in the ancient village of Stagira, the village where Aristotle is said to have been born. He talked about his finding at a conference that was held in Thessaloniki, Greece, which is around 40 kilometers from the ancient village. Sismanidis has been the head archaeologist at an excavation site in northern Greece, where he believes he has found where the ancient philosopher was buried.

The conference where he spoke was held during the 2400th anniversary of Aristotle’s birth and it is during his talk that he revealed his findings. During his talk, he did say that he didn’t have concrete proof that he did find the tomb, but that he has strong indications that the tomb was Aristotle’s.

During the conference Sismanidis said, “We had found the tomb. We’ve now also found the altar referred to in ancient texts, as well as the road leading to the tomb, which was very close to the city’s ancient marketplace within the city settlement.”However, he did base his assumptions on a structure that he excavated, which he said was erected to honor the philosopher after his death in 322 B.C. The tomb was located in this structure. Other indicators that he successfully found the tomb include the view that the structure has and it’s positioning on the floor, which is an indicator of the correct time period. He was able to surmise that this was the correct structure based on evidence uncovered in ancient texts from the time period.

Aristotle was born in 384 B.C. He was a student of Plato in the city-state of Athens and he quickly emerged as one of the most influential western philosophers of all time. He also had some prominent students. Alexander the Great, who was one of his students, created a legacy that has impacted the Greek people to this day. Aristotle has also been influential in the study of modern logic, metaphysics, and has even played a part in Christian theology. Although there is strong evidence that this could be Aristotle’s tomb, much work needs to be done in order to confirm or deny the findings. Back in 2014, archaeologists found a large tomb elsewhere in northern Greece that was believed to have belonged to Alexander the Great. That claim has since been disproven.


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