The Athens and Epidaurus Festival Opens

The stone amphiteater in Epidaurus is the fine example of the ancient greek architecture, Epidavros, Greece.

(Athens, Greece) – The Athens and Epidaurus Festival opens on Tuesday, June 14 with the kickoff party, which will be held at the Piraeus 260 venue, which is known for its support of the arts. For those who attended the opening party, the entrance fee gave them admission to watch the bands on the schedule as well as a cold beer. The live music was by Himerinous Kolymbites, the Florina Brass Band, and Matoula Zamani. This is the first concert that will take place through the duration of the festival, which will be going on throughout the summer.

Many of the performances will take place at the ancient Epidaurus Theater throughout the months of June and July. There are currently around seventy performances in theater, dance, and music that are scheduled at the Epidaurus. Many of the performances will be in Greek, and others will features acts from all over the world. Epidaurus was a small city in Ancient Greece that was located near Athens. In its day, the city was prosperous and one of the things that the citizens enjoyed was Ancient Greek Theater. The Epidaurus Theater was designed to hold these performances. The theater is still in great condition and the Athens and Epidaurus Festival is highly anticipated because it allows entertainers the chance to perform in an ancient venue. It is also interesting for the spectators, who enjoy viewing the shows in this ancient venue.

The Athens and Epidaurus festival has had several directors over the past few years. The current festival director, Vangelis Theodoropoulos, is in his first year and will hold the position for the next three years. He has said that he is thrilled that he was able to book both Greek and foreign acts for the festival, especially since many of the acts are usually booked well in advance and he was working at the last minute to secure the acts. He had to look through around 300 proposals in order to select the performers that are on the schedule.

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