Greece Has 92 Athletes to Compete in the Rio Olympics 2016

Olympics(Greece) – According to the Hellenic Olympic Committee, Greek has a total of 92 athletes who will be competing in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The opening ceremony for the games begins on Friday, August 5, 2016 and from there, the athletes will compete for medals in their sports. There are a total of 27 athletes who will compete in Track & Field, 15 in swimming, 9 in sailing, and 6 in rowing. Other sports include Judo, table tennis, cycling, and water polo.

According to the Hellenic Olympic Committee, the Olympics were one of the most important games in Ancient Greece. They say, “Among all the pan-hellenic games in Ancient Greece, the most important ones were held in Olympia. “As water is the most precious of all elements, as gold appears as the most expensive of all goods, and finally as the sun shines more than any other star, Olympia shines shading every other game” Pindar sings in his first Olympic ode.” Gods are said to have competed in the first Olympics and from there, the tradition grew.

Since the start of the modern Olympic games, Greek athletes have won a total of 115 medals. Their most successful Olympic Games so far have been the first modern Olympics in 1896 that took place in Athens where they won 50 medals, and the games in 2004, which also took place in Athens. Greek athletes who compete in Olympic sports have struggled in the past to be taken seriously. Most of the people of Greece watch other sports, such as football (soccer). Greece has had a total of 1317 athletes compete. There were a total of 436 Greek athletes who competed in the games in 2004.

Greek athletes didn’t perform as well as they hoped during this year’s Olympic trials. Budget cuts from the recession have had a negative impact on their ability to train properly.

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