Greek Athletes Inspired by New Nike Ad

Parthenon, Akropolis - Athens, Greece

(Athens, Greece) – The ad itself is in Greek, but there are English captions. They say, “We will not be defined by circumstance. We will not be undone by what is broken. We are more than our surroundings. We are the makers of our fate.” After that, in a burst of energy, all the athletes start to work at their sports. Thunder sounds in the background and the sky flashes. The ad ends with Nike’s signature slogan: Just Do It. After that, Antetokounmpo dunks the ball into the net. The Greek division of Nike created the ad with Wieden + Kennedy, a firm that is based in Amsterdam. Their goal was to inspire everyone, not just athletes, to take control of their own futures.

However, even though Nike avoids mentioning the politics that have inspired the ad, viewers can’t help but be reminded of them. Greece’s unemployment rate is at a record high, and the Greek government is hurting for money. The fact that the stadium could use some work isn’t lost on the viewers, either. However, Nike didn’t want to focus on politics. Their message was a lot greater than that. It’s more about overcoming whatever obstacles might stand in the way of your own personal future. The ad also seeks to inspire by placing the athletes in the Olympic Stadium. For most athletes, competing in the Olympics is considered one of their biggest accomplishments. The stadium is a reminder that traditions such as the Olympics are timeless, and that people should aspire to take control of their own futures.


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