Civil Aviation Strike Called Off After Greek Government Makes Promises

Airplane(Greece) – To protest the privatization of several regional airports, Greek civil aviation workers had planned a five day strike. The Federation of Civil Aviation unions has called the strike off because the Greek government has shown signs that workers’ jobs would be safe. The strike would have started on Monday and lasted for five days. The Federation of Civil Aviation Unions, or OSYPA, called the strike after workers expressed fear that because of the privatization deals, they would lose their jobs. They said that they called off the strike because the government had shown “sensitivity” over the issue, which led them to believe it could be resolved without the strike.

Leading up to the event, people feared that the five-day strike would disrupt a large number of flights leading to many of the top islands in Greece. According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, “All domestic and international flights in Greece are expected to operate as normal on these dates. If you have any concerns, please contact your airline or travel company.” Since the strike has been called off, this means that all flights should be operating on their regular schedule.

Concerning strikes such as these, Thomas Reynaert, the managing director of Airlines for Europe has said, ”

Repeated and disproportionate industrial action by ATC unions is seriously impacting the travel plans of thousands of passengers during this summer.

“It is unacceptable that airlines and their customers can be repeatedly punished by these unjustified strikes. The European Commission and governments must act immediately to protect the rights of millions of European travelers.”

Not only that, but travel is a major source of revenue for Greece. Disruptions to travel could also negatively impact the already struggling economy. Many believe that travel is one of the industries that will help revitalize the Greek economy. Disruptions to people’s travel plans could result in a loss of revenue for the 2016 tourist season in Greece.


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