6 Beaches in Greece Ranked in TravelBird’s Study

Detail of Elafonisi beach, island of Crete

(Greece) – According to TravelBird 2016, six of Greece’s topped beaches are ranked as amongst the best in the world. TravelBird is a company that specializes in offering travelers a great variety of quality travel packages. In their Beach Price Index of 250 of the World’s Most Popular Beachfronts, the six Greek beaches have earned their place. The Index calculates how much money it will cost to spend the day at each of the beaches, which enables travelers to make good decisions when it comes to planning their trips. This means that the travelers can focus less on price and more on the experience itself, since they will be able to plan their time better.

TravelBird started with a list of 900 properties and then focused on analyzing each one. From there, they came up with a list of 250 of the world’s best beaches, coming from around 66 countries throughout the world. Six of Greece’s beaches made the cut. After coming up with the beaches they analyzed costs for a bottle of water, sunscreen, beer, ice cream, and lunch. They calculated the figure and came up with a number that would enable visitors to plan which beaches the would visit. The numbers were based on exchange rates for the Euro at the beginning of July. The list is ranked from most expensive to least expensive. None of the Greek beaches were amongst the top ten most expensive.

The Greek beaches were located somewhere in the middle and then towards the end of the list. Navagio in Zaknthos was ranked number 140, Red Beach in Santorini was at 175, Geranki in Chalkidid was at 185, Elafonisi in Crete was at 200, Plaka Beach in Naxos was at 204 and Paleokastritsa in Corfu was at 206.

Greece has been in a recession since before the first bailout occurred in 2010. Since tourism is one of the biggest industries in Greece, studies such as these are hoped to bring in even more tourists.

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