Survey Ranks Greece as Best Travel Destination

Rocky coastline and a beautiful clear water at Halkidiki Kassand

(Greece) – According to a recent survey put out by, Greece is at the top of the list when it comes to travel destinations. The survey polled people throughout Europe, in Russia, and in the United States to determine where they preferred to travel. Overall, destinations in Greece made it to the top of the list. The report outlining the results was results by this month.

People who came from countries outside the Mediterranean, such as Britain, Germany, Serbia, Hungary, Russia, and the United States said that they prefer to travel to countries like Greece and Italy, and of those two, Greece held the top spot for people coming from those countries. Other countries that held top spots include France and Spain, however Greece remained in the lead in several categories.

Another part of the poll revealed that when Greeks travel, they prefer destinations within their own countries. For instance, people who live in Athens are far more likely to travel to the Greek islands for their vacations, rather than head outside of the country to other parts of the world. Greeks also prefer their own beaches over those elsewhere in the world, such as those on Andros, Anafi, Corfu, and Halkidiki.

German travelers tend to prefer the Greek resort areas of Rhodes and Santorini over other places in Greece. The British seem to prefer Kefalonia, Alonissos and Messinia. Hungarian travelers prefer the Ionian islands and are likely to travel to places such as Corfu and Cephalonia. They also love Central Macedonia, such as Halkidiki and Thasos. People from the united States are fond of Attica, Milos, Andros, and Paxos.

Travel makes up roughly 20% of the Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, in Greece. The government is looking to revenue generated from travel to help give the economy a boost.


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