Mayor of Drama, Greece Intends to Build Shooting Range for Olympic Medalist

BRAZIL RIO 2016 OLYMPIC GAMES(Drama, Greece) – The mayor of Drama, Greece, the hometown of Olympic gold and bronze medalist in shooting, Anna Korakaki, said that he intends to build a shooting range as part of the preparations to make it easier for her to train for future events. The municipal authorities of Drama have said that they will not only build the facility for Korakaki to train, but to also allow other people in the area to follow in her footsteps by learning how to shoot.

The people of Drama are eager to welcome Korakaki home after her successes at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. She has been in Greece for several days and then moved on to Drama with her father and coach, Tassos. Korakaki is the first Greek athlete to win two medals in the same Olympics since 1912. She is also the first Greek woman to medals in shooting.

Greece currently has 92 athletes total competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics, which is fairly low considering they had 436 total athletes competing in the Summer Olympics in 2004. The lower showing at the Olympic Games this year shows that athletes have had a difficult time remaining competitive during the touch economic conditions the county is experiencing.

The original facility where Korakaki was training for the games was recently deemed as unacceptable because it had fallen into disrepair. Christodoulos Mamsakos, the mayor of Drama, said that installing a proper facility for Korakaki and other individuals interested in shooting is high on his agenda.

The mayor said, “Today it is not only Drama who celebrates, but the entire Greece, the entire country is celebrating Anna’s success. Today it is not only Drama who celebrates, but the entire Greece, the entire country is celebrating Anna’s success.The Municipality of Drama will create a shooting range to allow this young athlete to keep training, because, as you know, Anna is only 20 years old. She can compete in several Olympics and win more medals.”Anna has said that she is looking forward to competing on an international level and winning more competitions in the future.


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