Greek-Russian Businessman Might Buy Alpha TV

ivan-savvidis(Greece) – Ivan Savvidis, a Geeek-Russian businessman, has offered to purchase Alpha TV, one of the television stations that failed to secure one of the four licenses that the government had on auction. Because they failed to secure one of the licenses, the stations could close, leaving the workforce out of jobs. With four licenses awarded, this means that eight television stations are facing closure, a move that the government says will help control corruption.

Savvidis, who currently owns PAOK, the soccer club that is located in Thessaloniki, approached Dimitris Kontaminas, who is the owner of Alpha TV, to discuss the possibility of selling the station. He also approached the owners of some of the other stations that failed to win a license, as well. However, Alpha TV appears to be the most interested in what he has to offer. He said that if he were to purchase the station, he would guarantee that the existing staff would keep their jobs.

To do this, he would seek a cooperation from one of the four stations that managed to win one of the licenses during the competition. He has said that he would love to join the Greek media sector, and to prove it, he did place a bad during the auction of around 61 million euros. However, he was unable to obtain a license. He has said, “I am prepared to propose to any of the channels that lost in the competition, and that includes that of Mr Kontominas and Alpha TV, to sell their channel, and I guarantee that jobs will be kept.”

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has made it his mission to eliminate corruption where the media sector has played a part. Total, the government made 246 million euros during the auction that granted the four licenses. It is expected that at least some of the stations that were unable to get a license will need to close.

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