Chios Named One of the Best Diving Locations in Europe

Lagkada, Chios Island, Greece

(Chios, Greece) – The Greek island of Chios was recently named one of the best diving locations in the world, according to an industry website, The website focuses on sharing technical information about diving, as well as provide its users with information about where the best dives are. The article states that Chios as an excellent dive spot because of its numerous underwater caves, interesting reef formations, vertical walls, underground rocks, the sea life, and an interest shipwreck. This is also a site that is friendly for beginners while also pleasing those who have a lot of experience with diving. The water is also extremely clear and is at a comfortable temperature. These two factors are amongst the reasons why the island is so friendly for divers.

Chios is a popular island that attracts visitors from all over the world. Diving is one of the activities that people enjoy the most. As a result, there are several diving companies located throughout the island through which you can organize your dives. For beginners, this is an attractive option because some companies specialize in giving those new to the sport the full experience complete with lessons and an underground tour of the waters. Also, like most Greek islands, there are plenty of other things to do when you’re not diving such as eat traditional Greek foods, enjoy the nightlife, and spend some time lounging on a beach. In addition to diving, you can also participate in other water sports, such as snorkeling.

In recent months, Chios has been on the news as being a hotspot for the refugee crisis since it is so close to Turkey. Although the number of refugees entering the island have declined in recent weeks, it is still considered one of the main areas. In 2015, thousands of refugees have passed through the island, many of whom have stayed. The refugee crisis has also caused some of the tourists to avoid this island or to cancel any of their planned trips. Being listed as one of the best places to dive in Europe on will hopefully attract larger number of visitors to the island for the 2016 tourist season.


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