Concert in Honor of Alexander the Great to Take Place on October 26 in Melbourne, Australia

alexander-the-great(Melbourne, Australia) – A concert in honor of Alexander the Great will take place on October 26, 2016 at 8 PM at the Melbourne Recital Centre, also referred to as the Elizabeth Murdoch Hall. This concert is being put on to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Australian Institute of Macedonian Studies, or AIMS, Greek Community of Melbourne, or GCM, and the Pan-Macedonian Association. The concert is called, “Alexander the Great: Pioneering Multiculturalism”.

The particular hall where the concert is being held is known for its beautiful architecture and superior acoustics and the music that will be performed has been uniquely created for the concert by a well-known composer from Melbourne named Christos Ioannidis, who is of Greek descent. Ioannides composerd works such as, “Free Besieged”, “Massa Confusa”, “Syphonia Polyethnic” and “Southern Landscape”, but everything that he composed for the concert for Alexander the Great is original.

This concert is designed to celebrate the life and accomplishments of Alexander the Great. According to the website, it will also promote, “the Hellenic ideals within a vast multicultural empire”. The website also talks about an important theme in the concert which is, “Alexander’s role in pioneering multiculturalism and nurturing an intermingling of Greek civilization, language and traditions with those of Asia.”

The Camerata Chamber Orchestra is set to perform the concert. There are 23 musicians in this orchestra under the leadership of the conductor, Douglas Heywood OAM. Heywood is an award winning conductor who won the Medal of Honor in Australia for his service to music education. The Camerata chorus, which has 52 members also participate. There are also a two soloists who will be participating in the concert – Adrian McEniery and the award winning soprano, Lauren Savrasov.

Also according to the website, “This is a unique opportunity to commemorate a great historical figure and to celebrate his vision of multiculturalism and harmony, a vision that is more relevant than ever to our own contemporary society.”


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