Counter Terrorism Officers Deployed to Fight ISIL in Greece

Flag of greece flying in the wind.

(Greece) – According to a Rob Wainwright, the chief of Europol, the low enforcement agency of the EU, 200 counter terrorism officers will be deployed to the Greek islands in order to fight terrorism by finding members of the Islamic State that might be living in Greece. The officers will be part of a new task force that will also include Greek border guards. The tactics the force will use were developed by British Security Forces at Heathrow Airport in London in order to combat terrorism there. The members of the task force will work together to apply these principals.

Wainwright said that, “We have, in the past year and a half, seen a strategic decision by Isil to do that and carryout spectacular attacks of the type we saw in France in Brussels. There will be further attempts at that kind of activity.” There have been concerns that ISIL is trying to exploit the plight of the refugees in Greece in order to gain followers. Over the past week, Greek authorities have found fabricated Syrian passports in the camps that belong to known ISIL members, which have raised concerns about ISIL activity in the camps. It is hoped that the task force will help identify ISIL activity and put a stop to it.

Greece has around 57,000 refugees and migrants living in camps that are located throughout the country. Morale in the camps has been especially low lately as people have become increasingly frustrated that they are experiencing long wait times for their asylum applications to be processed. Meanwhile, the UN has sent an official to Greece to assess the conditions in the camp. He praised Greece for how well they have handled the crisis so far but has said that the camps need better sanitation and living quarters as well as increased security.


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