Greek Dance Festival in Skopelos Wins European Award

Beautiful night view of Skopelos town reflecting in the sea. Skopelos is a small, beautiful Greek island, where famous musical - Mamma Mia was filmed.

(Skopelos, Greece) – Diamantis Palaiologos, a traditional Greek dance festival that is scheduled to take place on the island of Skopelos from August 27, 2016 to August 29, 2016, won a European award given out by the EILEEN Project. The EILEEN Project, which stands for Enhancing Intercultural Learning in European Enterprises, is given to cultural endeavors that bring awareness to large groups of people. This is the fourth year that this particular festival will be taking place.

The festival itself is put on by the PLEGMA NGO group and also by the Region of Thessaly. The festival is also a member of the European Folklore Festival Association and will feature traditional dances that come from not only the Skopelos region, but from all over Greece. The event is also supported by The Greek National Commission to UNESCO,the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, the Greek National Tourism Organisation, and the unicipality of Skopelos.

Konstina Angeletou, the president of Plegma, a nonprofit organization, has said that, “We feel greatly honored and happy for this award. Each year the festival features 600 dancers from Greece and abroad, and also students from different countries who work for it, or doing their academic work…This award comes to vindicate our efforts and of course all those who have trusted us.”

The festival itself is named after noted dance teacher, Diamantis Palaiologos and there will be hundreds of dancers taking part that are from all over Greece. The dances themselves take place at the main port on the island. Many of the dances are taking place in the open air theater nearby, as well. In addition to demonstrations there are also seminars, workshops, and classes so that everyone can take part in the festivities, not just the performers. In other words, guests can expect to learn how to do the dances themselves if they desire.

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