Final Decision for Greek TV Licenses to Take Place August 30

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(Greece) – According to the Greek government, the final decision for the tender of Greek TV licenses will take place on August 30, 2016. There are nine finalist candidates and from that last, four of the TV stations will be awarded the licenses. Over the course of the past few months, television stations throughout Greece have been competing for these official spots, hoping to be one of the finalists.

Here is what the Secretary General Lefteris Kretsis said in a statement made about the upcoming tender on August 30:

The Secretariat General of Information and Communication will continue to serve its institutional role in order to protect the public interest. The Secretariat General of Information and Communication is not involved in petty games and is held accountable only to the people. The government attempts to award TV licenses after 27 years of lawlessness and violation of basic principles of the rule of law. The lies are over.”

Greece’s Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, has made it his mission to reform Greek television, which has been known for its corruption. Ever since he and his party came into power in January of 2015, he has said that he wants to reform Greek television so that it can be more ethical. In February of 2016, he took the matter before the Greek Parliament and ultimately received permission to grant licenses to those stations that pass a series of stringent requirements.

Several weeks ago, the nine finalists were announced. The final review is scheduled to take place at the end of August. In granting these licenses, the Greek government hopes to eliminate the corruption that has plagued the industry for some time. The finalist are Alpha Satellite Television S.A., SKAI SA, Antenna TV, Ioannis-Vladimiros H. Kalogritsas, E TV, NTV Nea Tileorasi, , Dimera Media Investments Ltd,Alter Ego, and ITV CP.

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