Greek Nursery Announces the Development of a New Cherry

Cherry(Greece) – Vitro Hellas, a prominent nursery in Greece, has recently announced that they successfully developed a new cherry that will hit the stores soon. In partnership with the University of Bologna in Italy, the nursery sought to create a cherry that was both sweet and easy to grow. In fact, it was the University that brought the nursery on board to aid in the development, and they felt honored to be part of the project.

According to the Aris Konstantinidis, the agronomist at Vitro Hellas, the cherry, “has a great taste and size. It’s also more resistant to cracking. Our company got the exclusive rights to grow this variety about three years ago as the first of only thirteen companies in the world. We’ll be focusing on the Sweet variety for many years to come.”

Konstantinidis goes on to explain that developing this cherry has been a massive project that at first, involved gathering and analyzing a massive amount of data. He said, “We had to see if growing this type of cherry would also work in Greek soil and under Greek weather conditions. We took quite a risk with this. As part of a field test, we planted the Sweet cherry in different growing areas in Greece so we could see which type of soil worked best for this variety.” He goes on to say that although the initial results have been great, the cherry itself is still under development.

Cherries are a popular product in Greece and the popular variety is the Burlat cherry. However, Greek growers are eager to try new things, which has led to the cultivation of some varieties that are much sweeter. This has also created some challenges because it has led to an unground hub of illegal activity where illegal nurseries secretly sell newly developed varieties to exclusive growers. Developing new cherries and making them available to the public helps combat this illegal activity.


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