Domestic Travel in Greece Increases for Easter


(Greece) – During Easter 2016, domestic travel within Greece has increased. Each year, people living in cities throughout Greece flock to the islands and other places throughout Greece in order to visit family and enjoy some rest and relaxation. This year, Orthodox Christian Easter is on May 1, which also coincides with the beginning of the tourist season. Each year, the date for Easter varies and when Easter happens later than normal, this domestic travel tends to be much higher. Greeks are eager to enjoy the great weather experienced in the island while also celebrating the holiday.

Besides the promise of great weather, domestic over Easter also received a boost because of the Greek government, who extended the Easter holiday through to May 3, giving people much longer to celebrate and enjoy their time off. Another thing that didn’t hurt is that the weather is supposed to be great over the weekend.

The Hellenic Association of Tourism has repeated that sales of holiday travel packages have increased by around 10% from 2015. Others, such as Manolis Karamolegos, who is the president of the Santorini Hoteliers Association, has also indicated that the numbers increased from 2015. Travelers journey all over Greece, with many of them staying in Greek islands such as Corfu, Crete, and Santorini.


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