Evia Wildfire Rages for a Third Day

Agioi Apostoloi in Evia Greece landscape.

(Evia, Greece) – A large forest fire in Evia in the Faraklas region, which is to the north, has been raging for three days. The Greek authorities have declared a state of emergency but have said that they hope to get the fire under control soon. The fire began on July 30, 2016 and it spread rather quickly due to the dry conditions and strong winds on the island. Local firefighters started off battling the blaze and were later joined by firefighters from places like Athens, Lamia, Karditsa, and Andravida. A total of five planes and five helicopters are being used to control the fire.

So far, no casualties or injuries have been reported. However, the fire has burned thousands of acres of land in the northern part of the island. Also, a monastery and hotel have been evacuated. The town of Limi, where the fire burns the closest, is under alert for a potential evacuation. There are ferries waiting to ship the people out of danger if the need arises.The blaze still isn’t under control. However, Greek authorities hope that it will be contained sometime today. The Evia blaze has burned through 5000 acres over the course of the past three days.

Wildfires are especially common in Greece during the summer months when the sun burns hot and there is very little rain. The high wind speeds that are common throughout the Greece also make the wildfires spread fairly quickly. Over the past few days, around 59 wildfires broke out throughout Greece from Saturday to Sunday but the one in Evia is by far the largest. There was also a fairly sizable fire burning through the island of Chios last week. The Chios fires damaged 90% of the island’s coveted mastic trees, which is a big revenue generator for the people on the island.

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