Two Greek Films are Considered for Prestigious European Film Awards

European Film Academy(Greece) – Two Greek films were recently nominated for the European Film Awards of 2016 that the European Film Academy organizes. The films, “Chevalier”, which is directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari, and “Suntan” by Argyris Papadimitropoulos are under consideration by the academy’s members for the awards. These two films were amongst fifty that the academy recommended for consideration.

According to a press release that was published on the European Film Academy’s website, “the list of feature fiction films recommended for a nomination for the European Film Awards 2016! With 33 European countries represented, the list once again illustrates the great diversity in European cinema.”

The academy will consider the films in the context of several categories. According to the press release, “In the coming weeks, the over 3,000 members of the European Film Academy will vote for the nominations in the categories European Film, Director, Actor, Actress and Screenwriter. The nominations will then be announced on 5 November at the Seville European Film Festival in Spain. A 7-member jury will decide on the awards recipients in the categories European Cinematographer, Editor, Production Designer, Costume Designer, Hair & Make-up Artist, Composer and Sound Designer.”

The final awards show is scheduled to take place on December 10, 2016 Wroclaw, the European Capital of culture. The Greek films will hopefully be amongst those that make it into the final rounds. They’re both off to a good start and have been well received by critics and audiences. “Chevalier won the top prize at the British Film Institute’s London Film Festival in 2015 and “Suntan” has also received a good reception internationally.

The European Film Academy was created by about 3000 members whose mission it is to promote quality in cinema across Europe. The awards are meant to showcase the best that European cinema has to offer. The movies were all hand selected and are thought to be amongst the best.

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