Greece Advances to Group 3 Final Four at the FIVB World League

FIVB(Greece) – The men’s Greek volleyball team beat Slovenia at the FIVB World League, stopping Slovenia’s undefeated winning streak. Both teams, however, will be advancing to the Group 3 Final Four in order to compete for the top spot. The two teams played in the match on June 26, 2016 and the Greek team won the matchup 3-1, with scores of 25-23, 22-25, 25-21, and 29-27 for each of the individual sets. The Final Four of the FIVB World League will take place next weekend in Frankfurt, Germany.

Both the Greek and Slovenian teams entered the matchup with the knowledge that both would make it to the Final Four regardless of the outcome of the match. Still, the Greek win does show that they have the skills needed to stand a good shot of winning the FIVB World League Championship. Slovenia and Greece will meet once again as they play each other in the semifinals.

In several of the sets, Greece commanded strong, early leads, which Slovenia then counteracted to close the gap. In both of these sets, Greece eventually became victorious. In the third set, Greece was up 12-7 and eventually won the set 25-21. Greece had a commanding 3-0 in the fourth set and remained in control for much of it. At the last minute, Slovenia counter-attacked. The set ended 29-27 in Greece’s favor. Greece won 3 of 4 sets, giving them the win for the match. When the two meet again in the semifinals, the winner of that match will play in the final round.

The FIVB, or Federation International du Volleyball began on June 21, 2016 and will go until July 17, 2016 when the final match is played. The FIVB World League takes place each year and pairs the world’s best volleyball teams in a competition that will ultimately determine the world champion. The FIVB takes place in both volleyball and beach volleyball.


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