Food is Still Expensive in Greece

Greek Salad(Greece) – According to Eurostat, the statistical authority in the European Union, Greece has expensive food prices when compared to other countries in Europe. They have the second most expensive prices in the EU for dairy products and eggs, and prices for other basic food items are about 3% higher than the European average.

The data was calculated from 28 member countries in the European Union. Dairy products and eggs are 31% higher than the European average and also breads and cereals are 14% higher than in the rest of Europe.  Prices for fish and oils were also higher in Greece. In addition to food, alcohol is also more expensive at 17% higher than the European average. The only two categories of products that were lower than in the rest of Europe were meats and fruits and vegetables.

Greece has been in a recession for the past six years and food has stayed high despite the economic changes. The Greek people have experienced austerity measures such as wage decreases, increased taxes, and pension cuts, which indicates that every day people don’t have as much money to spend on basics, such as food.

Food prices were considerably lower in other countries that are experiencing recessions such as Spain and Portugal. Surprisingly, the food prices in Greece are even higher than countries such as the Netherlands and Germany, whose economies are doing well.

In fact, the average price of food is not only high, it has actually risen over the past few years for a variety of reasons. These include tax hikes, markups on produce due to a decline in national production, and lack of competition. However, there are those who feel as if this data doesn’t show the big picture since many Greek families are self sufficient and grow, produce, or raise what they need.

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