France Wants to Help Greek Economy Through Investments

Flags of Greece and France on wooden background

(Greece) – The French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, said that his country wants to help the Greek economy recover through investments. Before arriving in Athens for an official state visit, Valls met with Greek reporters to talk about his country’s intensions. Valls said, “We are urging more French businesses to look into investment prospects because we want to assist Greece’s economic recovery.” Valls is meeting with Greek state officials in order to discuss various topics, including the possibility of allowing France to invest in various business interests in the country.

Internally, Valls has taken a tough approach against the CGT union in France, who has encouraged the strikes tat have caused refineries to shut down, an act that has disrupted fuel supplies in the country. He has said that the areas his country are interested in in Greece include energy, transportation, tourism, and agriculture. Valls also said that his country has been continually supportive of Greece, during each of the bailout talks. Overall, he wants the Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, to know where France stands concerning the Greek economy.

Valls also looks at the Eurogroup agreement that was approved in May 24, 2016 that will release bailout funds to Greece as a positive thing. He says that it sends a positive message and will add credibility to Greece’s prospects of entering back into the financial markets in the near future. Greece has been experiencing economic difficulties since around 2008 and the first bailout happened in 2010 as a result of that. The third bailout was recently approved and the first round of bailout funds is scheduled to be released sometime in June. France and Greece are both EU, UN, and NATO member states and relations between the two have been good since the 1800’s. They were allies during both of the World Wars as well as in the Korean War and during the Cold War.




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