Greek Basketball Player Georgios Papagiannis Joins NBA

Basketball Arena(Greece) – Georgios Papagiannis, a Greek basketball player who played for the Greek basketball club Panathinaikos, has joined the NBA and will play for the Sacramento Kings in the coming season. Papagiannis, who measures at a whopping 7 feet 2 inches, has been playing center for Panathinaikos and will also play center court for the Phoenix Suns. He was ranked as a 13th overall draft pick. He was selected by the Phoenix Suns on behalf of the Sacramento Kings because the two teams were already in the middle of a trade deal.

Papagiannis was born in Greece and raised in Marousi, which is on the Greek mainland near Athens. He began playing professional basketball when he was only 14 years old for the club tea Peristeri in 2012. Papagiannis is the youngest player to ever be part of the Greek Basket League.

Two years after that, Papagiannis attended Westtown School in West Chester Pennsylvania when he was a junior in high school. There, he played on the school basketball team. He then transferred to the American School in Athens, Greece to finish up his senior year. After that, he signed a deal with Panathinaikos to play for several years. He entered the NBA draft this year.

In an interview to, Papagiannis said, “I’m going to work hard. I’m hungry for the game. I want to say that I’m going to do the best I can to bring a championship to town.”

During the draft, it was determined that one of Papagiannis’ greatest assets was his size. He could catch the ball deep as well as dominate his position. He was also determined to have excellent mobility, which doesn’t always happen with players that have his weight and height.

Georgios Papagiannis is currently the second active basketball player from Greece who is playing on the NBA. Total, there have been six people from Greece who have played for the NBA.


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