Germany Vows to Take 6000 Refugees a Year from Greece and Italy

(Greece) – Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, has said that the country will take 6000 refugees a year, which works out to be 500 a month, from Greece and Italy as part of the relocation program. However, she urges the rest of the EU to step up and do its part. Greece currently has around 60,000 refugees living in camps throughout the country. Most of them are waiting for their asylum applications to be processed. However, there are those whose applications have been processed but they’re waiting for relocation. This is where the EU and countries like Germany need to step it.

Merkel said that they are mainly concerned with making sure that families get reunited in the relocation process. She said, “Our goal is to stop irregular migration. So we will be accepting a few hundred refugees on a monthly basis. We have a duty to participate in the distribution of 160,000 refugees.” However, she has also said that Germany can’t be the only one to assist Italy and Greece with the refugee crises. The rest of the countries need to do their part. It is widely accepted that the EU as a whole needs to do more to relocate the refugees faster in order to get rid of the backlog of people that are waiting for the next phase of their journey. Merkel said that, “In view of the many refugees who are already with us, other EU countries will have to jump in.”

For many refugees, Germany is their first stop since it is so close to Turkey. However, there are many in Italy, as well. Those who end up in Greece get processed and stay in one of the many camps located throughout mainland Greece and the islands. Many have chosen to apply for asylum. The long wait times for the processing of asylum applications is one of the reasons why morale is so low in the camps.

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