European Environment Agency Declares Greece’s Waters Amongst Cleanest in the World

Detail of Elafonisi beach, island of Crete

(Greece) – The European Environment Agency has announced that Greece’s waters are amongst the cleanest in the world. According to new data that was released this past Tuesday, Greece’s waters are clean and safe for bathing. With over 92% of the country’s beaches and bathing sites inspected, this is considered to be excellent. Greece has the fourth cleanest waters in Europe, behind Cyprus, Malta, and Luxembourg. This indicates a growing trend across Europe that has inspired countries to improve the condition of its beaches. Each year, the EEA measures beaches throughout Europe to determine how well they place. The highest possible score that can be achieved is 100%. Greece’s beaches are at 97.2% on the ranking scale. Anything above 84% is deemed clean and swimmable. The agency publishes a new report each year summarizing its findings. According to the report, around 1500 of the country’s locations were inspected, with 1499 of them being deemed of a high enough quality to allow for swimming.

The EEA also announced that Greece is placed third in the world for Blue Flag Certifications, with 430 beaches and 9 marinas earning the certification. The Blue Flag Certifications are doled out to places such as beaches, marinas, and other outdoor locations for meeting a series of eco-friendly standards. The Blue Flag label is recognized by millions of people throughout the world, some of whom travel to Greece specifically because of this certification. They assess the coastal environment, water quality, safety, and accessibility of each site. In order to achieve the label, the beaches need to meet all the qualifications.

Greece is known as a destination that is eco friendly. There are plenty of “green” choices available for those who want to minimize the carbon footprint of their travels. Many of the people of Greece live in a way that is in synch with the environment, as well. Tourists who learn about and embrace this traditional way of life can make their trip even more eco friendly.


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