International Hellenic University Will Run English Postgraduate Programs

International Hellenic University(Greece) – According to the Greek government, the country will enact a legislation that will create branches of the International Hellenic University at every Greek university this summer. This move is expected to standardize Greek postgraduate studies throughout the country. In the past, Greek universities have been plagues with a lack of standardization and the Hellenic University seeks to change that.

The International Hellenic University is a state run university that was started in 2005. Unlike other state run colleges, it charges its students tuition. The university specializes in offering postgraduate programs run entirely in the English language and both international and Greek students attend the programs. The move to allow the Hellenic University to set up branches throughout the country will give other universities a chance to run English language programs.

Nikos Filis, the Education Minister, has said that the Hellenic University is a haven of learning and their mission is to improve postgraduate education throughout Greece. Sia Anagnosopoulos, the Alternate Education Minister, said, “We want to strengthen this outlook of openness, which is a defining characteristic of this university.” She went on to say that this will help Greek universities and this plan will help them, “survive is through subsidiarity and cooperation,” and that, “Each institution doesn’t need to kill itself to cooperate with foreign universities.”

In Greece, education is highly valued. Each year, students compete from all over the country to win spots in one of the country’s universities or technical schools. Allowing students to join programs that are in the English language will help create new opportunities for not just Greeks, but university students from all over the world. Greek secondary education systems have been overhauled to bring the courses up to international standards, which was done to help the country boost the skill level of its work force.


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