Greece Plans to Hire Teachers to Educate Refugee Children

Kos, Greece - September 28, 2015: Unidentified refugee on a beach. Kos island is located just 4 kilometers from the Turkish coast and refugees come from Turkey in an boat.

(Greece) – According to Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Greece is planning to hire around 800 teaches in order to educate around 22,000 refugee children who are currently living in makeshift and state run camps located throughout Greece. Currently, there around 57,000 refugees total living in camps throughout Greece.

Prime Minister Tsipras said that, “The inclusion of all refugee children in the public school system will begin in September. Around 800 backup teachers will be hired to meet the additional needs” of the new academic year.”

Although it is estimated that around 22,000 refugee children will receive education, it isn’t known how many of these children will actually enroll for the schools. However, Education Minister Nikos Filis and the current Mayor of Athens,Yiorgos Kaminis , have estimated a figure of eligible children that are off school age to be about 22,000, which would mean that Greece would have to hire hundreds of teachers to accommodate.

Although no one can truly predict how many of these children will actually enroll, Filis has said that his staff is, “prepared to enroll thousands of refugee children.” Initially, the refugee children will be separated from the Greek schools, but they do plan to integrate over time. According to Filis Greece will, “Initially (separate) reception classes will be set up at many schools, and gradually, it will be possible to fully integrate the children.We will try to soon have Greek and refugee children together in schools.”

Morale in refugee camps has been low lately because of the long wait times as the Greek government processes its asylum applications. Meanwhile, people are living in makeshift and state run camps where currently, there are no options for the children to attend school. Many of these people hope to move on to central Europe where there are more options for work and school. Meanwhile, the Greek government is making plans to send the children to school.


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