Enjoy Independent Media With Athens Live

Athens Live(Athens, Greece) – Athens Live, a new independent news outlet in Greece, is in the business of reporting on the truth. It’s no secret to those who are familiar with Greek media that news outlets may skew the truth. Young journalists in Greece are taking a stand against this mentality. Their ultimate goal is to change the way the world sees Greece. These journalist started out by creating news reports on Twitter and Facebook but their venture has since grown.  According to their Facebook page, the group aims to “create quality independent media” through their new project, Athens Live. Their vision is to create a high-quality newspaper featuring stories, news, and photographs from Athens and all over Greece. In order to best serve their target audience, people outside of Greece, they’re reporting on the news in the English language.

Traditional Greek media is constantly being accused of skewing the news based on the owners’ personal interests. The group argues that this does Greece a disservice because viewers are constantly unsure if what they are hearing is the real truth. For instance, back in June of 2013, the government at the time shut down the state broadcaster at the time and in the process, fired 2600 members of its staff in order to save money. This move put a lot of people out of work, and it drew attention to the fact that the Greek media needed a transformation. Over the next few years, it had become increasingly clear that improvements still needed to be made. According to the nonprofit organization, Reporters Without Borders, Greece currently sits in the #89 slot. Since the incident in 2013, it has dropped a total of 50 points.

Athens Live seeks to improve not only the way people throughout the world view Greece, they also want to improve the quality of Greek media as a whole. Currently the project is seeing funding to cover its initial startup costs, the equipment, and to create a website. Athens Live is still using their Facebook page to convey information to its audience. The collection of reporters also includes people who are not only from Greece, but also from all over the world. By not limiting their reporters to having Greek origin, they feel that they can best serve their audience.


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