Greece Investigates Islamic State Link After Discovering Opiates

Piraeus(Greece) – Greek authorities have discovered a large quantity of synthetic opiates that were getting ready to be shipped to Libya.  Shortly after finding them, the Greek authorities began investigated whether or not there is a link between the opiates stash and the Islamic State. The Narcotics and Arms Division, which is part of Greece’s Financial Crimes Unit, or SDOE, along with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, or DEA, confiscated 26 million tablets of Tramadol, an opiate drug that is only available by prescription and is designed to kill pain. These pills were on their way to Libya when they were found.

On May 10, 2016, a container that arrived from New Delhi, India to the port of Piraeus, Greece. According to Loukas Danabasis, a director of the SDOE, Greek agents from the Financial Crimes Unit were tipped off by the DEA that the shipment could have something illegal inside it.  The shippers attempted to hide the opiates by stacking them behind boxes that were filled with linens and the shipment itself was classified as “consignment.”

What is under investigation is whether or not these pills were being shipped to militants who were part of the Islamic state. Danabasis said, “The companies that were involved in this case –  in other words the company that sent it, as well as the company that was going to receive it in Libya – have been previously involved in such transfers – and particularly the company in Libya is characterized as being suspect of having relations with the Islamic State.”

The Greek authorities haven’t released the names of any of the companies who were involved in transferring this shipment. It is also unclear which company made the pills. The drugs are estimated to have had a value of 13 million US dollars. Tramadol is a narcotic that is classified as having a high risk of abuse associated with it.





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