Mega Television in Greece to Lose License

Mega Television Greece(Greece) – A popular Greek broadcaster, Mega Television, is set to lose its broadcasting license. Currently, Greece is doling out a total of four national television licenses, but before they do, they are considering all the applicants. Mega Television, which was once one of Greece’s most popular networks, has been eliminated along with four other bidders at the beginning of this week. This is part of the latest effort by the current left-wing government in Greece to institute broadcasting regulations.

According to the Information Ministry, there are now seven broadcasting remaining. Of these, only four will be awarded national broadcasting licenses in Greece. The current government hopes that regulating the broadcasting will help get the widespread corruption amongst broadcasting under control. By limiting broadcasting licenses, they seek to oversee the industry. In the past, several prominent networks have been notorious for taking payouts from prominent figures in Greece, which would result in them skewing their news and other programming in their favor. In order to prevent this practice from happening, the government has decided to step in. However, this move has been criticized by other political parties within Greece.

Mega Television was once one of the most popular private networks in Greece. Recently, however, they have had trouble making their payments, including those to their employees for payroll. Their programming has included things like comedies, news, dramas, and current affairs. However, because they have fallen behind on their payments, this was going to impact the future of their company. Now that they weren’t awarded a broadcasting license, this will further harm them. The remaining seven companies will move into the next stage. These companies include Altar Ego, E TV, SKAI SA, Alpha Satellite Television S.A., Ioannis-Vladimiros H. Kalogritsas, Antenna T and NTV Nea Tileorasi. The final selection will take place sometime in August.

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