The Melitzazz Festival in Tsakonia, Greece is Underway

Melitzazz Festival(Tsakonia, Leonido, Greece) – The Melitzazz Festival, which takes place in Tsakonia, which is the capital city of Leonido in the Peloponnese, is currently underway. It began on July 6, 2016 and will go until July 10, 2016. Both jazz musicians and chefs get together here to celebrate delicious food, most of which involve eggplants, and jazz music. The festival attracts musicians from all over the world. The festival encompasses many of the outdoor areas in the city and there are plenty of booths serving food as well as stages for the performances.

The Tsakonian eggplant is certainly the pride of the region, which is why the festival is in place. This particular eggplant has PDO status, which stands for Protected Designation of Origin. This particular vegetable is highly prized for its unique qualities and many local specialty dishes are being served at the festival.It is known for its purple color, white stripes, and sweet flavor.

There will also be presentations made in the native Greek dialect common in the region that comes from the Dorian people who used to inhabit the region and traditional folk dance performances that, at one time, were dedicated to the Apollo. Much of the traditional culture has ancient roots, including the language. The dialect is said to be over 1000 years old and is in danger of extinction since not many in the younger generation speak it. Not only that, but  the landscape of Tsakonia and the surrounding area is well-suited to growing the delicious eggplant.

Jazz is also an important part of the festival and top acts are scheduled to perform here, such as Kulumacus and Despina Gkotsopoulou. There will also be dance performances and demonstrations, movies, such as Zootopia for the kids, a DJ dance party, and a Greek folk band that specializes in rebetiko. This festival is all about celebrating the culture not only of Greece, but also the world.


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