Migrant Flow to Greece Slows Down

Lesvos(Greece) – For the past few months, migrants have been arriving to places throughout Greece, including the Greek islands of Lesvos, Chios, and Samos. Migrants are currently living in camps throughout Greece, and many of these camps are completely full. Greek officials and aid workers alike have been concerned that the camps are reaching capacity, which means that new migrants will find it difficult to find a place to live. Tuesday, May 3 marked the fourth day that no migrants arrived in Lesvos. The islands of Chios and Samos both report that they haven’t had any migrant arrivals on both Monday, May 2 and Tuesday, May 3. It is estimated that there are around 8,190 people living in camps on those islands island, with around half of that number settling in at the island of Lesvos.

Another camp located in Northern Greece, in a village called Idomeni, is housing another 10,000 migrants. There are also several state run camps located throughout the country. These migrants are fleeing countries such as Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq, which have been plagued by wars. This ebb comes at a time when migrants located in Idomeni are awaiting word as to whether or not the Greek government will move them away from the village and into the state facilities. Since the migrants started coming to Greece, the country has worked to accommodate them. However, it hasn’t been without its challenges. For instance, a railway line connected Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has been rendered inoperable as migrants have set up makeshift camps on its tracks. They were evacuated, but they have since returned.

The migrants have been flocking to Greece for about the past year in search of a better life. Many are parents with young children, and they all desire a more secure future. Meanwhile, war in these countries rages on, making it unlikely that these families will be returning to their homelands anytime soon. Greece isn’t the only country that has welcomed the refugees. Other European countries, such as Greece, France, and Italy, are all finding a way to deal with their own migrant population. Whether or not the current slowdown in Greece will continue this way remains to be seen.


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