Migrants Head for Greece Because of Turkish Coup

Lesvos Rfugee Camp(Lesvos, Greece) –  Two Frontex vessels carrying a total of fifty migrants and refugees arrived near the island of Lesvos from Turkey a few days ago. This leaves people concerned that the failed Turkish coup will begin to show an even greater increase in numbers of migrants and refugees who head to Greece from Turkey. They were picked up off the coast of the island and then taken to the Mytilene Port so that they can register at the Moria hotspot. In the past 48 hours, there have been a total of 276 migrants to arrive in Lesvos from Turkey. This brings the total number of migrants who have come to Greece after the coup on July 15, 2016 to around 500.

Beginning in the summer of 2015, large numbers of migrants fleeing the wars that plagued their countries began to arrive in Greece. The island of Lesvos has been one of the hotspots since that time. Refugees are currently waiting in state run and makeshift camps throughout Greece waiting for their asylum applications to be processed. Because of a deal between the EU, Turkey, and Greece, the number of refugees who have come to Greece in 2015 have been down. This latest rise leaves people wondering if even more migrants are on their way.

The agreement controlling migrant flows between Turkey, Greece, and the EU still should be in effect, according to officals with Greek Immigration. There are now about 3200 refugees and migrants who are stuck on Lesvos and have been there since the agreement was put into place. They can either stay at the Moria registration center (if they applied for asylum), at the Kara Tepe migrant camp, or at other makeshift camps around the island. Morale in the camps has been low because of the long wait times asylum seekers are experiencing in Greece.


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