The Greek Ministry of Interior reads foreigners’ IDs thanks to versatile Elyctis ID BOX One readers

The versatility of the Elyctis ID BOX One is key to satisfying the needs of the Greek Ministry of Interior, which is facing a wide variety of documents.

The ID BOX One is used by the Ministry of Interior to read foreign passports without movement, in order to verify their authenticity and to collect passport holder data, which is later used for filling government databases. The same ID BOX One is used to read ID cards and driving licenses in the ID-1 format from numerous countries as long as they comply with the international standard.

Alexander Chantoumis, Sales Manager and CEO of Novatron, declares: “the Elyctis ID Box One is fitting all the requirements of the call for tender issued by the Ministry of Interior. This way they are able to read most ID documents with a single device.”

Alexandre Joly, CEO of Elyctis, adds, “The Greek Ministry of Interior is able to experience the ease of use of our ID BOX One 151 reader: they can read ePassports, ID cards and driving licenses on the same reader and automatically fill in citizens data in their management system, thus reducing the risk of error.”

The ID BOX One 151 is able to read without movement in the MRZ (machine readable zone) from ePassports, standard ID cards and driving licenses as well as the data contained in the chip in contact and contactless mode. Thanks to these product features, the Greek Ministry of Interior is able to gain in reliability and efficiency in reading foreigners’ ID documents.


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