Olympiacos Wins Greek Basketball Championship

Basketball Arena(Athens, Greece) – Olympiacos, the Greek basketball team from Piraeus, has won the Greek Basketball Championship after beating Panathinaikos by one point. Olympiacos secured their victory in the final two seconds of the second overtime when Vassilis Spanoulis sunk a three point shot in the last seconds of the period. The final score of the game was 82-81. This is the second time Olympiacos has won the title and both times, they played against Panathinaikos. The game took place in Athens in Panathinaikos’s home court at the Olympic Athletic Center.

For those watching the game, the game was a nail-biter. The game ended in a tie at 63-63 and the two teams had to compete in the first overtime. The score was tied once again at the end of the first overtime at 71-71 when Vangelis Mantzaris, a player on Olympiacos, tied the game in the last seconds with a three point shot. As the second overtime was underway, Panathinaikos had the advantage up until the last seconds when Vassilis Spanoulis of Olympiacos got his game-winning three point basket.

The two teams have long been rivals and Greeks refer to them as “Eternal Enemies”. Olympiacos and Panathinaikos have a long history of playing high profile games against one another. In recent years, it has been Olympiacos that has walked away as the victor. The two teams have met four times in Euroleague championships – once in 1994, 1995, 2009, and in 2016. Many consider this rivalry to be one of the most intense in the basketball world, especially in Europe. Whenever the two teams play in a high profile game, fans refer to each of these games as a “Derby of the Eternal Enemies”. The rivalry has been going on since the late 1920’s. Overall, Panathinaikos has logged the most high profile wins in the history of this rivalry with around 140 victories. Olympiacos has had  around 110 total victories.


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