Greek Olympian Anna Korakaki Wins Bronze Medal in Air Pistol

BRAZIL RIO 2016 OLYMPIC GAMES(Greece) – Anna Korakaki, an Olympic athlete from Greece, won the bronze medal in the 10 meter air pistol event over this past weekend at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Anna will also compete in the 25 meter pistol as long as she advances from the qualifying rounds, which will be taking place on Tuesday. This is Greece’s first Olympic Medal of the 2016 games. This is also the first medal for Greece in an Olympic shooting competition since the 1920 Olympic Games, which were held in Antwerp. The Greek national team won the silver medal in shooting.

Anna Korakaki is 19 years old and comes from Drama, Greece. Because of her hard work and discipline, she won Greece’s first medal of the game. She learned both the sport of shooting and what it means to stay committed to her training from her father, Tasos, who is also her coach. She has been preparing to compete in the Olympic Games since she was a kid. Anna looks forward to winning many other national competitions during her career.  Shooter Mengkxoue Zhang from China won the gold medal and Vitalina Batsaraskina from Russia won the silver medal. Anna hopes to win another medal in the 25 meter pistol competition.

Greece has 92 athletes competing in this year’s Olympic Games. During the opening ceremony, Greece marched out first during the Parade of Nations, proudly bearing the Greek flag. The parade, which lines athletes up alphabetically, always begins with Greece since the Greeks are responsible for inventing the Olympic Games in the first place. The Olympic Flame also begins in Greece and is created during an ancient ceremony that dates back to the original Olympics in Ancient Greece. From there, the flame travels throughout the world where it eventually ends up at the host country, and then eventually on to the Olympic Games themselves.


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