Greek Red Cross Receives Aid for Refugee Children

Greek Red Cross(Greece) – The Greek Red Cross has received aid of 240,000 euros to benefit refugee children. The program, which is referred to as EUStaff4Refugees, is set up to benefit those refugee children who have entered Greece without their families. Antonis Avgerinos, the President of the Greek Red Cross, was given the check by Margaritis Schinas, the Chief Spokesperson of the European Commission during a special event. During this time, the participants of the event also held a moment of silence for the victims of the recent terrorist attack in Nice, France.

The 240,000 euros will be used for humanitarian aid, with most of it being used to benefit these children. The money is planned to create accommodations for minors and the Greek Red Cross as well as the Greek state authorities will be organizing the details. The EUStaff4Refugees is an organization that started in April of 2015 and came about from a European Union delegation that was organized to promote sympathy and aid to Greece during the refugee crisis. This initiative was embraced throughout all of Europe and there has been an outpouring of support from various institutions within the European Union, such as  the European Investment Fund, European Parliament, and the European Commission. Besides raising money, food and items of clothing were also collected.

Currently, around 54,000 refugees are currently living in Greece in makeshift and state run camps while they wait for their asylum applications to be processed. Because of the long wait times that these refugees has had to wait for their applications, morale in the camps has been low. Most refugees want to move on from Greece in order to reach central Europe where they would like to place their children in schools and also find jobs so they can support their families. The refugees and migrants come from countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.


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